Sunday, 6 October 2013

This Blog is Moving...

This blog is moving... and can now be found at Random Neurons on my home page [].

Hope to see you there. :)


Tip of the Day: Change can sometimes be a big pain in the butt, but definitely worth it when it works out. And when it does work.. well it's all a learning experience. :)

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Program Failure

How quickly we come to rely on our technology. This afternoon one of my crucial programs died without any warning. Fortunately all my files are backed up so I didn't lose those, but I can't access them until the problem is sorted. Even a complete reinstall didn't help. Time to take a break and work out what to do next.

I have already submitted a support docket to the software company, but that will probably take at least 3 or 4 days to hear any back. In the meantime it's onto other projects. Incredibly frustrating but it is what it is.

How many programs do you rely on and what would you do if they failed? I hope you never have to find out.


Tip of the Day: When buying software as a download, I always pay the extra $10 to get CDs sent to be if it's offered. They can really come in handy if you need to reinstall and has saved me in the past. Okay, it didn't help on this occasion, but at least it gave me the option to try! :)

Friday, 4 October 2013

Who are you?

All through life most of us have people telling us who we should be. Even when we declare our passion for photography. "You should do children's portraits or even better - wedding photography! Lots of money to be made there!"

I have the utmost respect for the many talented photographers in these fields. Who I'm sure are sick of hearing how much easy money there is to be made. I know that a lot of time and hard work goes into creating both amazing child portraits and stunning wedding photos.

And whilst these photographs are always in demand, that is not where my passion lies. Last year a good friend of mine wanted to book me to shoot her family portrait. I appreciate her wanting to send work my way, but I kindly declined - and what I told her was completely honest.

"You deserve someone who is really passionate about family portraits, who will give you the best family images possible. But that photographer isn't me".

Could I take good quality mainstream portraits? Absolutely. Would they be the best possible portraits of this gorgeous family? No - because my passion lies elsewhere.

In both photography and in life we need to find out for ourselves who we are - but we also need to stay true to who we are. Over the years I've been told by a lot of people that I need to change, and for a while I tried. Didn't work. As cliched as it is: no matter where you go, there you are.

I finally told the world to sod off, and made the decision just to be me. Like it or lump this is who I am - crazy, creative, out there, in-you-face, black sheep, unorthodox - or just plain weird, it doesn't matter.

In fact I have embraced my weirdness. It helps me create strange and interesting images, that tell stories and invite speculation. [And occasionally trolls!]

It's also lead me to meet amazing people on both sides of the lens, and helped me see a lot of the BS that was around me.

So trust in yourself. Tell that critic sitting on your shoulder pulling you down: "Whatever!" - and just be you.


Tip of the Day: Be the best person you can possibly be for you. It's a good place to start. :)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Casting - it's a Test

I recently posted a casting call for a model in a social media modeling group, asking for interested models to send me a message with a link to their online modeling portfolio.

Several models responded, posting their interest and examples photos in the comments section of my post. Only one sent me a message with their portfolio link as I had requested.

Guess which model got the job?

So what's the big deal I hear you ask? I look at it this way; if someone can't or won't follow a simple request [i.e. message me a link] before they are booked, what will they like be on the day? I don't to waste my time and money on someone who can't take simple direction.

A casting call is like a job interview so take a minute to double check everything before you hit the enter key. :)


Tip of the Day:  Your social media is your reputation.  The line between personal and professional is ever shrinking, so just take care.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Do you feel Lucky?

There seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to luck: (1) You either have it or you don't; and (2) You make your own luck.

I definitey fall squarely into the second category. No, I can't always control what happens around me; but I do my best to be ready for opportunities. I always have business cards with me in case I see someone on the train etc that I would really like to shoot. I have an up to date portfolio on my phone should anyone express interest in seeing my work.  I look for ways to help people rather than always looking for the "what's in it for me" angle.

But most of all I try the see the positive side of things. Sounds awefully cheery I know, but it's a lot less tiring than constantly seeing doom and gloom at ever corner.

So make the choice to be lucky - you never know where it might lead and it's a lot more fun than the alternative. :)


Tip of the Day: Be the best person you can be for you, and don't forget to take the day off occasionally. :)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Don't do anything rash!

The last couple of weeks I've been working on a video project that is very close to completion.

Yesterday it all came crashing down around me when an oversight came to light. No one else to blame, it was completely my fault and I thought the whole project was a write off.

Rather than trashing the whole thing in anger and frustration, I put the project aside, turned up the music and dived into something else to take my mind off what felt like a huge failure.

What I dived into was the image above. No preconceived ideas, no great vision, I just wanted to play and cheer myself up. And I admit I'm pretty happy with the result. :)

This morning I was sorting through other things when suddenly a brain wave - with a little tweaking here and there and slight change of direction, my video project could be saved!

But only because I hadn't trashed the files.

Sometimes when all seems lost and failure is bearing down on you like a steam engine from Hell, the temptation to destroy all evidence of that failure is very very tempting. But if you do that, there is nothing to resurrect in the cold morning light.

So save those files and put them somewhere safe. You can always delete them later if all is truly lost; but a lot of time something definitely worthwhile is hiding there, waiting for you to find it again.


Tip of the Day: Save your files very regularly, and save multiple copies. Perhaps you don't quite need the three portable hard drives and online storage that I use, but having at least one copy of your working [PSD] files tucked away is highly recommend. This allows you to not only go back and tinker with an image if need be, but also serves as a reminder if you can't quite remember how you did it in the first place. :)

Monday, 30 September 2013

Who do you admire?

As photographer's it's often very easy to list some of the talented people in our field that we admire and why. But what if I said "List five people you admire who are not in phtoography". Could you do it?

They don't have to be famous, or rich, although they might be. You don't even have to know them personally. They just need to have made a big impact on your life.

It's so easy to get so wrapped up in the areas we are passionate about, that we forget to look outside, to the rest of the world. There are so many incredible people out there if we just take a minute to look.

So go on. I dare you.


PS I knew you were going to ask, but it doesn't matter who mine are, as long as you can find yours. :)

Tip of the Day: It's really frustrating when after lots of hard work you find, for one reason or another, you  need to start over. Take heart - whilst it might not get any easier, you get better at it with practice. :)